The 8th International Conference on Chemical Kinetics will be held in Seville, Spain, from 8th to 12 th of July 2013. This conference is being organized at the University of Seville.


This cross-disciplinary meeting will highlight the importance of fundamental understanding of elementary reactions in the full range of chemical investigations. Topics will cover all areas of chemical kinetics in both gas and condensed phases, including experimental and theoretical methods, as well as fundamental and applied kinetics. 


As in previous editions, the meeting provides a unique opportunity to discuss how the same reactive species and reaction motifs manifest under different reaction conditions (e.g. atmospheric, combustion, plasma, aqueous, nonaqueous solvents, surfaces, …)


We would like to welcome you to our city with the hope that you will find this event enjoyable as well as interesting.




Francisco Sánchez Burgos and Pilar López Cornejo

                                       Local organizers